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Crack Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome – One of the most difficult conditions to diagnose in dentistry is the cracked tooth. The patient generally presents with sharp pain on chewing in a particular area of the mouth, but frequently cannot tell which specific tooth hurts. As a rule, the dentist cannot see any problem with the tooth, either clinically (in the mouth), or radiographically (on an x-ray). The diagnosis may be confirmed by the dentist’s use of an instrument that places pressure on one part of the tooth at a time. There is frequently sharp pain when the pressure is applied to one particular cusp (the pointed parts of back teeth), but not to the others. While diagnosis is difficult, the mode of treatment of the cracked tooth can be equally challenging. The most frequently utilized treatment of choice is placement of a crown followed by root canal therapy. In spite of the patient expending considerable time and money, and the dentist successfully performing the procedure, the risk of failure in these cases is high and, oftentimes, the treated tooth has to be extracted. Thus, it is impossible for a dentist to predict with any certainty the prognosis of such a treated tooth. With the advancements in implant dentistry, some patients now opt for the predictability an implant over the risk of traditional treatment.




Crack Tooth Syndrome

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